Run Pandat in Console Mode

Purpose: Learn to run Pandat in the console mode for the calculation of Al-Mg binary phase diagram.

Module: PanPhaseDiagram

Thermodynamic Database: AlMgZn.tdb

Batch file: Example_#1.22.pbfx

Calculation Procedures:

  • Run through a windows (.bat) file, double click the Example_#1.22.bat;

    The content of an example (.bat) file is shown below:

  • Figure 1:  Example of the (.bat) file for console mode

    Note that above figure shows an example windows (.bat) file. There are a few things that user needs to make sure before running this example:

    • The full path of “Pandat.exe”. The default path for Pandat 2022 is: “C:\Program Files\CompuTherm LLC\Pandat 2022\bin\Pandat.exe

    • If the batch file (.pbfx) is not in the same folder of the windows (.bat) file, the full path of the batch file (.pbfx) needs to be given.

    • The working folder for the console mode must have been created before running the windows (.bat) file. Then a Pandat workspace will be created in this folder and all simulation results are saved under this workspace. This argument is optional and no graph files are generated if the working folder is not given. This will save many computer resources. In general, the user may not pass this argument so that only data (.dat) files are generated after each simulation. In “Example_#1.22.pbfx”:

      <table name="AlMg_PhaseDiagram.dat" source="default">

    • A table name “AlMg_PhaseDiagram.dat” is given with an extension “.dat” and then a data file (.dat) will be created in the same folder as the batch file. User may give a full path for the data file in order to save it into a specified folder.

    • The last argument is to control the output level with “1” the default value. The value of “2” is for more outputs and “0” for less.