MDT Copper

Thermodynamic database for multi-component Cu-rich alloys

  • thermodynamic
  • mobility
  • molar-volume

MDT Copper

  • Number of components: 19
  • Number of phases: 330
  • Major alloying elements: Cu, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Si, Sn and Zn
  • Minor alloying elements: Al, B, Bi, C, P, S, Sb, Se, Ti, and Zr

MDT Copper – Thermodynamic database (TH), Mobility database (MB), and Molar volume (MV) database for multi-component copper alloys.

  • The MDTCu_TH thermodynamic database consists of 19 components, 330 phases and 135 fully assessed binary systems. The database is validated by large number of copper alloys.
  • The MDTCu_MB mobility database includes assessed mobility model parameters for the Liquid, Bcc, Fcc, and Hcp solution phases. It is compatible with the MDTCu_TH and suitable for the simulation of diffusion controlled phenomena of multi-component copper alloys.
  • The MDTCu_MV molar volume database covers all the 330 phases assessed in the MDTCu_TH, and can be combined with the thermodynamic database for the simulation of thermo-physical properties of Cu-based alloys, such as density, thermal expansion, and solidification shrinkage.

The calculated isothermal sections of the Cu-Cr-Fe ternary system at 1273 and 1373K, respectively, and compares with the experimental data.

Calculated isothermal sections of the Cu-Cr-Fe ternary system with experimental data (a) 1273K; (b) 1373K

The calculated and measured concentration profile of the Cu-2.9Si / Cu-10.8Al (at.%) diffusion couple heat-treated at 1073K for 48 hours. The combined thermodynamic and mobility database, MDTCu_TH+MB, is used for the calculation.

Concentration profile of the Cu-2.9Si/Cu-10.8Al (at.%) heat-treated at 1073K for 48 hours

Density of liquid Cu-Ti alloys as a function of temperature

The calculated densities of the liquid Cu-xTi (at.%) alloys at different temperatures with experimental data. The combined thermodynamic and molar volume database, MDTCu_TH+MV, is used for the calculation.