Our main products include Pandat Software, Pandat SDKs and PanDatabases. Pandat Software is an integrated modeling platform for multi-component phase diagram calculation and materials property simulation. Pandat SDKs are to link Pandat with other simulation models or programs for broader applications. PanDatabases are list of thermodynamic/mobility and property databases developed based on the CALPHAD approach.

It is an integrated modeling platform and adopts a unique modular design and currently includes 6 modules for different applications, sharing the same workspace.

This unique design enables users to easily switch between modules and perform variety types of simulations in the same working environment.

Pandat software has a robust calculation engine and a friendly graphical user interface, and it is known as the most reliable and easy to use software in this field.

Pandat SDKs are specially designed and easy-to-use to link Pandat with other software programs or models in variety of languages (Fortran, C/C++, Python, etc.)

PanPython SDK
PanEngine SDK
PanPhaseField SDK
Pandat Batch Mode

At CompuTherm, we have a team of experts who have more than 20 years of experience in database development. By using the CALPHAD method, we have developed thermodynamic, mobility and property databases for many multi-component alloy systems.