Pandat FAQs

Pandat Software General

  1. Close all Pandat programs;
  2. In Pandat 2021 installation folder (C:\Program Files\CompuTherm LLC\Pandat 2021\pre-install), find the installation file “HASPUserSetup.exe” for the latest dongle driver;
  3. Install the dongle driver by executing “HASPUserSetup.exe”.

The operating system:

Windows and Linux


Visual C++ 2015 (or later) for Windows

GCC 4.8 or later for Linux

The operating system:

Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 in 64 bits; Other OS needs a third-party virtual machine for running Pandat. For example, Parallels Desktop for Mac

Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 (or later)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (or later)

Recommended Hardware:

i5 or above class CPU, PanPhaseField: i5/i7 4 cores – 8 Threads

4 GB or more RAM, PanPhaseField: 16 GB or more RAM

128 GB or more hard drive space

1. Download the installation file for the dongle driver and license manager:;

2. On server computer: install the dongle driver and license manager by executing “HASPUserSetup.exe”;

3. Attach the USB network dongle to the server computer;

4. On client computers: install Pandat and run Pandat.

Yes. Pandat is modularly designed. We can switch between modules and perform variety types of simulations in the same workspace. All modules share the same GUI.


Run the “install_evn.cmd” from PanPython package, and the environment will be automatically created. A pre-installed Python.exe and internet connection are required to complete the environment installation.

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