Thermodynamic database for multi-component magnesium-rich casting and wrought alloys

  • Thermodynamic
  • Mobility
  • Thermophysical Property: Molar Volume; Surface Tension; Viscosity


  • Number of components: 31
  • Number of phases: 834
  • Alloying elements: Ag-Al-Bi-C-Ca-Ce-Co-Cu-Dy-Er-Fe-Gd-La-Li-Mg-Mn-Nd-Ni-O-P-Pr-Sb-Sc-Se-Si-Sm-Sn-Sr-Y-Zn-Zr

PanMagnesium – Thermodynamic database (TH), Mobility database (MB), and Thermophysical property (TP) database for multi-component magnesium alloys.

  • The current PanMg_TH thermodynamic database consists of 31 components, 834 phases, and 378 assessed binary, ternary and quaternary systems. It can be used to describe thermodynamic properties and phase equilibrium of casting and wrought magnesium-rich alloys.
  • The current PanMg_MB mobility database includes assessed mobility model parameters for the Liquid, Bcc, Fcc, and Hcp solution phases. It is compatible with PanMg_TH and suitable for the simulation of diffusion controlled phenomena of multi-component magnesium alloys.
  • The PanMg_TP thermophysical property database includes the molar volume database covers all the 834 phases assessed in the PanMg_TH, the surface tension and viscosity properties for the liquid phase. It can be combined with the thermodynamic database for the simulation of thermo-physical properties of Mg-based alloys, such as density, thermal expansion, and solidification shrinkage.

Calculated liquidus projection of the Mg-Al-Sr ternary system superimposed with Scheil simulated solidification paths of three Mg-Al-Sr alloys

The calculated liquidus projection of the Mg-Al-Sr ternary system. The solidification paths of three selected Mg-Al-Sr alloys using the Scheil model shown in this figure can be used to predict the casting microstructures of these alloys.

Isothermal section of the Mg-Ca-O system

The calculated isothermal section of Mg-Ca-O system which was validated by in-situ synchrotron radiation diffraction

Coupling PanMg_TH thermodynamic database with PanMg_MV molar volume database, user can calculateĀ  molar volume, density, thermal expansion, and other properties. This is an example which compares the calculated and measured molar volume of Mg-Li alloys in Fcc, Bcc, and Hcp phases.

Calculated and measured molar volume of Mg-Li alloys in Fcc, Bcc, and Hcp

Concentration profile of Mg-2.77Al/Mg-1.06Zn (at.%) annealed at 723K for 5 hours

By integrating PanMg_TH with mobility database PanMg_MB, user can calculate diffusion related properties. This is an example showing the concentration profile of Mg-2.77Al/Mg-1.06Zn (at%) diffusion couple annealed at 723K for 5 hours.