Thermodynamic Database for Zinc-Based alloys

  • Thermodynamic
  • Mobility
  • Thermophysical Property: Molar Volume; Surface Tension; Viscosity


  • Number of components: 14
  • Number of phases: 325
  • Alloying elements: Al, Cd, Ce, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Ni, O, Pb, Si, Sn, Ti and Zn

PanZinc – Thermodynamic database (TH), Mobility database (MB), and Thermophysical property (TP) database for multi-component zinc alloys.

  • The PanZn_TH thermodynamic database consists of 14 components, 325 phases and 118 fully assessed binary and ternary systems. The database is validated by many Zinc-based alloys.
  • The PanZn_MB mobility database assessed mobility model parameters for the Liquid, Bcc, Fcc, and Hcp solution phases. It is compatible with PanZn_TH and suitable for the simulation of diffusion controlled phenomena of multi-component zinc alloys.
  • The PanZn_TP thermophysical property database includes the molar volume database(MV) covers all the 325 phases assessed in the PanZn_TH, the surface tension and viscosity properties for the liquid phase. It can be combined with the thermodynamic database for the simulation of thermo-physical properties of Zinc-based alloys, such as density, thermal expansion, and solidification shrinkage.

Calculated phase diagram of Zn-5.3Al-xSi (wt.%) section

Berent et al [2016Ber] did the thermal analysis and microstructure observation of a serial of Zn-Al-Si alloys. The microstructure shows primary Si particles, Zn+Al eutectic structure and Zn+Al eutectoid structure. The left figure shows the calculated phase diagram of Zn-5.3Al-xSi (wt.%) section. The calculated result is in good agreement with their thermal analysis results and microstructure observations.
[2016Ber] K. Berent, J. Pstruś, T. Gancarz, J. Mater. Eng. Perform., 25 (2016) 3375-3383

This example shows the simulated concentration profiles of Cu-Zn binary system aged at 380 °C for 25h.  The simulated results are in good agreement with experimental data with considering several intermediate phases between the Cu and Zn.

Concentration profiles of Cu-Zn (at.%) aged at 380°C for 25h

Surface tension of Zn-Li alloys

This example shows the calculated surface tension of a series of Zn-Li alloys are in good agreement with experimental data.