CompuTherm offers training courses on four of the modules of Pandat software including PanPhaseDiagram, PanPrecipitation, PanDiffusion, and PanSolidification during June to October 2022. The training courses are free. The training for PanPhaseDiagram module is scheduled on June 23. Training times for other modules will be announced later.

PanPhaseDiagram Training : Date: June 23, 2022; Time: 9:00-12:00 US Central Time

This training will focus on PanPhaseDiagram module. Instead of a step-by-step software tutorial, this training will use examples to demonstrate how one can use the software for alloy design and development.  You will learn to use the basic functions of PanPhaseDiagram module, such as point calculation, line calculation, and section calculation to obtain the critical information you need to optimize alloy composition. You will also learn to use the advance features, such as contour diagrams, 3D colormap diagrams, and high-throughput calculation (HTC) to design alloys with targeted properties.

Although no previous knowledge of Pandat software or computational thermodynamics is necessary, you are suggested to watch the videos in the below link to learn some basics of Pandat software.

Please reserve your seat by sending an email to No registration fee is required.