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Concurrent Grain Growth and Precipitation Simulation

Precipitation Simultion

TTT and CCT Curves
PanEvolution The Extended PanPrecipitation Module PanEvolution The Extended PanPrecipitation Module
Cutting Edge Software Technologies Cutting Edge Technologies Three-layered Architecture and Modular Design
Easy Coupling with Other ICME Tools
One Unified Workspace, Numerous Materials Data
Intelligent and Reliable Simulation Engines Intelligent Global Optimization Algorithms
Object-Oriented Design and Written in C++
Simple and Easy to Use API Functions

Intelligent and Reliable Simulation Engines
Friendly and Flexible GUI Friendly and Flexible GUI Easy Setup for Simulation Condition
Flexible Materials Data Management
Customizable Table with Export Function
High Quality and Customizable Graph in 2D/3D


Pandat Software Modules

Pandat Software adopts modular design and enables users to easily switch between modules and perform various types of simulations in the same workspace.

  • stable and metastable diagrams
  • property contour diagrams
  • thermodynamic properties
  • chemical driving force
  • particle concurrent nucleation, growth and coarsening
  • multi-phase co-precipitation
  • precipitation and grain growth
  • recrystallization and grain growth
  • TTT and CCT curves
  • diffusion couple
  • homogenization
  • carburization and decarburization
  • particle dissolution
  • Optimization of thermodynamic, kinetic and thermo-physical model parameters using experimental data
  • solidification path
  • back-diffusion in the solid
  • dendrite arm coarsening
  • micro-segregation
  • direct coupling with CALPHAD
  • feasible for multi-component alloys
  • open architecture for user’s model plugin

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