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Software Overview

download the Pandat software manual

Pandat software is an integrated computational tool which can be used by ICME (Integrated Computational materials engineering) practitioners for accelerated materials design and development. It is developed by the CALPHAD approach [wikipedia] but not limited to phase diagram calculation. It adopts modular design and currently includes five modules: PanPhaseDiagram for phase diagram and thermodynamic property calculation, PanPrecipitation for precipitation simulation, PanDiffusion for diffusion simulation, PanSolidification for for solidification simulation, PanOptimizer for property optimization. This unique design enables users to easily switch between modules and perform variety types of simulations in the same working environment. More importantly, it allows the software to further extend its capability by including more modules. It has a robust thermodynamic calculation engine and a friendly graphical user interface, and is known as the most reliable and easy to use software developed by the CALPHAD approach [wikipedia].

The architecture of Pandat software consists of three layers: the interface layer, the calculation layer and the database layer. The interface layer is responsible for the communication between the user and the software. It passes the user commands and calculation conditions to the calculation layer and displays the calculated results returned from the calculation layer in the format of table or graph. The calculation layer processes the user commands and calculation conditions from the interface layer, loads the needed model parameters from the database layer, performs the calculation, and then returns the calculated results to the interface layer. The database layer provides all the model parameters needed by the calculation. The database layer may include variety types of databases, such as thermodynamic databases, mobility database, molar volume, thermoconductivity, and other thermophysical property databases. To obtain meaningful simulation results, proper databases must be loaded before preceding the calculations. Please refer to Databases for more information.

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