Solutions for Copper alloys

Copper and copper alloys have excellent electrical and thermal conductivities, exhibit excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. They are widely used for various applications, such as aerospace, high-speed railway, heat exchangers, home heating systems. A few examples are presented here to demonstrate how one can use Pandat software to optimize the alloy chemistry and processing conditions for copper alloys to achieve the desired mechanical behaviors.

Fe-Cu and Fe-Cu-C base powder compacts are widely used for automotive, electric and industrial machinery, and they are fabricated by the liquid phase sintering of mixtures of iron, graphite and copper elemental powders.

This figure shows Cu-Fe stable phase diagram with metastable miscibility gap as red dashed line. It is found that some alloying elements can enhance the chance of forming stable miscibility gap in ternary and multicomponent systems. Taking advantage of this feature in Cu-Fe-X systems, Wang et al. (science 297 (2002) 990-993 ) developed an egg-type core microstructure alloy under gravity conditions showing great potential on this type of alloys. Recently, Yue et al. (J. Alloys Compd., 921 (2022) 166163.)  used Pandat software to further investigate the effect of C micro-alloy on the metastable immiscible Cu-Fe alloys.  Such phase diagram features can be easily calculated by the PanPhaseDiagram module of Pandat software.

Zn is not only one of the widely used alloying elements in Cu alloys, but also a typical coating material on the surface of the Cu alloys. The diffusion behavior in the Cu-Zn system is therefore of great importance in determining the Zn coating properties on Cu alloys. This figure shows the composition distribution and variation with time for the Cu/Zn diffusion couple heat treated at 380°C.

Diffusion couple with moving boundary indicating all the intermetallic phases formed during diffusion can be simulated by PanDiffusion module of Pandat software

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