Publications on Aluminum-based Alloys

Towards relieving center segregation in twin-roll cast Al-Mg-Si-Cu strips by controlling the thermal-mechanical process
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Existing form of Sc in metal-inert gas welded Al-0.60Mg-0.75Si alloy and its role in welding strength
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On the mechanism of Si-promoted destabilization of TiCx particles in Al alloys
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Developing a novel high-strength Al–Mg–Zn–Si alloy for laser powder bed fusion
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Niobium nanoparticle-enabled grain refinement of a crack-free high strength Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy manufactured by selective laser melting
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Thermodynamic, Kinetic and Strength Calculation of High Zinc Containing Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys
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Ravi Narayan, L. and Hebert, R. J.
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Making sustainable aluminum by recycling scrap: The science of “dirty” alloys
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Effect of Cu/Mg-containing intermetallics on the mechanical properties of the as-cast HVDC AlSiMgMnCu alloys by SBFSEM at nano-scale
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Divorced Eutectic Solidification in Hypereutectic Al–Si Alloys
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Effect of Fe and Mn Content on the Microstructures and Tensile Behaviour of AlSi7Cu3 Alloy: Thermal Analysis and Tensile Tests
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Improved intergranular corrosion resistance of Al-Mg-Mn alloys with Sc and Zr additions
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Artificial neural network approach for mechanical properties prediction of as-cast A380 aluminum alloy
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Data Mining and Visualization of High-Dimensional ICME Data for Additive Manufacturing
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Effect of process parameters and grain refinement on hot tearing susceptibility of high strength aluminum alloy 2139 in laser powder bed fusion
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A machine learning–based classification approach for phase diagram prediction
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On the solidification behaviors of AlCu5MnCdVA alloy in electron beam freeform fabrication: Microstructural evolution, Cu segregation and cracking resistance
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The development of low-temperature heat-treatable high-pressure die-cast Al–Mg–Fe–Mn alloys with Zn
Zhu, X., Liu, F., Wang, S. and Ji, S.
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Improvement in as-cast strength of high pressure die-cast Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloys by synergistic effect of Q-Al5Cu2Mg8Si6 and θ-Al2Cu phases
Zhu, X., Dong, X., Blake, P. and Ji, S.
(2021) Materials Science and Engineering: A 802: 140612

Prediction of Cracking Susceptibility of Commercial Aluminum Alloys during Solidification
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Effect of post-brazing heat treatment on the corrosion mechanism of sandwich multi-layered aluminium sheets
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Development of High Strength and Toughness Non-Heated Al–Mg–Si Alloys for High-Pressure Die-Casting
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Wei, C., Guangxin, W. and Jieyu, Z.
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Formation of Phases and Microstructures in Al-8Si Alloys with Different Mg Content
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Effects of Solution Treatment on the Microstructure, Tensile Properties, and Impact Toughness of an Al–5.0Mg–3.0Zn–1.0Cu Cast Alloy
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Effect of Mn/Fe ratio on Fe removal efficiency and tensile ductility of an Al–7.0Si–2.4Fe alloy
Song, D., Zhao, Y., Wang, Z., Jia, Y., Huang, H., Zhang, D. and Zhang, W.
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Microstructure and properties of additively manufactured Al–Ce–Mg alloys
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Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-Zinc AA 5182 Aluminum Wrought Alloy Cast by the Ablation Green Sand Mold Casting Process
Salarvand, M., Boutorabi, S. M. A., Pourgharibshahi, M. and Tamizifar, M.
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Comparison of Silicon Phase in Al-20Si Alloys and Zn-27Al-3Si Alloys with Strontium Addition
Mao, F., Ou, L., Qiao, Y., Chen, C., Zhang, C., Zhang, P. and Wang, Y.
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Optimizing microstructure, shrinkage defects and mechanical performance of ZL205A alloys via coupling travelling magnetic fields with unidirectional solidification
Luo, L., Luo, L., Su, Y., Su, L., Wang, L., Guo, J. and Fu, H.
(2021) Journal of Materials Science & Technology 74: 246-258

Hot Tearing Behavior in Double Ternary Eutectic Alloy System: Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Hu, B., Li, D., Li, Z., Xu, J., Wang, X. and Zeng, X.
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Design, microstructure and thermal stability of a novel heat-resistant Al-Fe-Ni alloy manufactured by selective laser melting
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of new die-cast quaternary Al-Cu-Si-Mg alloys
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Simulation of the Composition and Cooling Rate Effects on the Solidification Path of Casting Aluminum Alloys
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Heterogeneous nucleation of α-Al on naturally formed MgAl2O4 particles during solidification of Al–Mg–Si–Fe–Mn alloys
Que, Z., Wang, Y. and Mendis, C. L.
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Microstructural evolution of Al-Cu-Li alloys with different Li contents by coupling of near-rapid solidification and two-stage homogenization treatment
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Liu, F., Zhu, X. and Ji, S.
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Insight into Si poisoning on grain refinement of Al-Si/Al-5Ti-B system
Li, Y., Hu, B., Liu, B., Nie, A., Gu, Q., Wang, J. and Li, Q.
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Fluidity of Alloys Under High-Pressure Die Casting Conditions: Flow-Choking Mechanisms
Han, Q. and Zhang, J.
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Evaluation of the Effect of Rare Earth Alloying Additions on the Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Aluminum Alloy 7150 During Rapid Solidification
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The evaluation on corrosion resistance and dross formation of Zn-23 wt % Al-0.3 wt % Si-x wt % Mg alloy
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