Publications on Copper-based Alloys

Predicting the property contour-map and optimum composition of Cu-Co-Si alloys via machine learning
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A comprehensive investigation of carbon micro-alloying on microstructure evolution and properties of metastable immiscible Cu-Fe alloy
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Optimization of microstructure and properties of as-cast various Si containing Cu–Cr–Zr alloy by experiments and first-principles calculation
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Revealing the Relationship Between Morphology of Pb-Rich Secondary Phases and Mechanical Properties of Laminated Cu–Pb–Sn/Steel Composite Through CALPHAD and FEA
Dong, B., Jie, J., Peng, B., Qu, J., Wu, Z., Wang, Q., Zhou, J., Liu, S., Zou, Q., Wang, T. and Li, T.
(2022) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Near room-temperature formation of Cu3Sn: In-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction characterization and thermodynamic assessments of its nucleation
Song, T., Schmid-Fetzer, R., Yan, M. and Qian, M.
(2021) Acta Materialia 213: 116894

Microstructure evolution and magnetic properties of metastable immiscible Cu-Fe alloy with micro-alloying B element
Liu, S., Xu, S., Jie, J., Zhang, J., Dong, Y., Li, X. and Li, T.
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Effect of Co addition on hardness and electrical conductivity of Cu–Si alloys
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(2021) Journal of Materials Science 56(26): 14821-14831

Phase equilibria of the Cu-Zr-Ti ternary system at 703 °C and the thermodynamic assessment and metallic glass region prediction of the Cu-Zr-Ti ternary system
Hermana, G. N., Hsiao, H.-M., Kuo, P.-C., Liaw, P. K., Li, Y.-C., Iikubo, S. and Yen, Y.-W.
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Thermodynamic description and simulation of solidification microstructures in the Cu–Mg–Zn system
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A novel technology in microstructure design and production of environment-friendly Cu–Bi bearing alloy with guidance of CALPHAD in order to replace toxic Cu–Pb bearing alloy
Dong, B., Wang, P., Liu, S., Wu, Z., Ke, C., Zou, Q. and Jie, J.
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Thermodynamics and solidification kinetics of Ag–Ni–Co immiscible alloys
Deng, C., Jiang, H., Zhao, J., Zhang, L. and He, J.
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On the Role of Dilute Solute Additions on Growth Restriction in Binary Copper Alloys
Balart, M. J., Gao, F., Patel, J. B. and Miani, F.
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The effect of adding Al on the occurrence and progress of massive transformation in Cu–Zn
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Development of novel Cu-Cr-Nb-Zr alloys with the aid of computational thermodynamics
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Aging Behavior and Precipitation Analysis of Cu-Ni-Co-Si Alloy
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A High-Throughput Search for Composition-Phase-Property Relations of Cu-Ni/Ti-Al Elastic Copper Alloys
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Effects of composition and thermal treatment of Cu-Al-Zn alloys with low content of Al on their shape-memory properties
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Experimental and thermodynamic description of ternary Bi-Cu-Ga system
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