Publications on High Entropy Alloys

Low-density CoAlTi-B2 strengthened Al-Co-Cr-Mo-Ti bcc refractory high-entropy superalloy designed with the assistance of high-throughput CALPHAD method
Yen, S.-y., Murakami, H. and Lin, S.-k.
(2023) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 952: 170027

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al0.4Co0.5V0.6FeNi high-entropy alloys processed by homogenization treatment
Li, Y., Yang, Z., Duan, H., Ma, Z., Wu, C., Bai, Y., Sun, C., Wang, P. and Li, J.
(2023) Intermetallics 159: 107941

A novel AlMoNbHfTi refractory high-entropy alloy with superior ductility
Huang, R., Wang, W., Li, T., Zhang, L., Amar, A., Chen, X., Ren, Z. and Lu, Y.
(2023) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 940: 168821

Effects of structural transformation on magnetic properties of AlCoFeCr high-entropy soft magnetic powder cores by adjusting Co/Fe ratio
Gao, W., Dong, Y., Ma, Y., Wu, H., Jia, X., Liu, Z., Li, X., Zhao, R., Wu, S., Li, Q., He, A. and Li, J.
(2023) Materials & Design 225: 111537

A general approach to simulate the atom distribution, lattice distortion, and mechanical properties of multi-principal element alloys based on site preference: Using FCC_CoNiV and CoCrNi to demonstrate and compare
Chen, R., Xie, T., Wu, B., Weng, L., Ali, H., Yang, S., Zhao, Y., Zhao, P., Zhang, C., Cao, R., Wen, J., Yao, Q., Cai, Q., Zhang, H., Sa, B., Wen, C., Lin, M., Sun, X., Su, H., Liu, Y. and Wang, C.
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Newly-developed pseudo-high entropy amorphous alloys: Structure/microstructure evolution, mechanical and corrosion properties
Batalha, W. C., Roche, V., Champion, Y., Mantel, M., Verdier, M., Martin, V., Kiminami, C. S. and Jorge Junior, A. M.
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Mechanical property enhancement of NbTiZr refractory medium-entropy alloys due to Si-induced crystalline-to-amorphous transitions
Zhan, C., Huang, D., Hu, X., Xu, K., Lou, M., Chen, L., Music, D. and Chang, K.
(2022) Surface and Coatings Technology 433: 128144

A reasonable approach to describe the atom distributions and configurational entropy in high entropy alloys based on site preference
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Effect of stacking fault energy on irradiation damage in reduced activation high entropy alloys
Hashimoto, N., Wada, E. and Oka, H.
(2022) Journal of Nuclear Materials 566: 153767

The site preference and doping effect on mechanical properties of Ni3Al-based γ′ phase in superalloys by combing first-principles calculations and thermodynamic model
Ali, H., Chen, R., Wu, B., Xie, T., Weng, L., Wen, J., Yao, Q., Su, L., Zhao, Y., Zhao, P., Sa, B., Liu, Y., Wang, C., Su, H. and Hayat, A.
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Bifunctional nanoprecipitates strengthen and ductilize a medium-entropy alloy
Yang, Y., Chen, T., Tan, L., Poplawsky, J. D., An, K., Wang, Y., Samolyuk, G. D., Littrell, K., Lupini, A. R., Borisevich, A. and George, E. P.
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High-throughput design of high-performance lightweight high-entropy alloys
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The CALPHAD approach for HEAs: Challenges and opportunities
Zhang, C. and Yang, Y.
(2022) MRS Bulletin 47(2): 158-167

Excellent strength-ductility in Ti-alloyed Fe35Ni35Cr20Mn10 high-entropy alloy
Zhou, J., Jiang, T., Liao, H., Chen, H., Zheng, J., Zhang, Y. and Zhu, W.
(2022) Intermetallics 148: 107637

Designing lightweight dual-phase refractory VNbTiSi-based eutectic high-entropy alloys for use at elevated temperatures
Wu, M., Wang, S., Xiao, F., Shen, G., Tian, Y., Yang, C., Zhu, G., Wang, D., Shu, D. and Sun, B.
(2022) Materials Science and Engineering: A 842: 143112

Effect of element V on the as-cast microstructure and mechanical properties of Al0.4Co0.5VxFeNi high entropy alloys
Li, Y., Yang, Z., Ma, Z., Bai, Y., Wu, C. and Li, J.
(2022) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 911: 165043

Hot deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of non-equimolar Ti2ZrHfV0.5Ta0.2 refractory high-entropy alloy
Li, T., Lu, Y., Li, Z., Wang, T. and Li, T.
(2022) Intermetallics 146: 107586

Effects of V content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Nb31Ti37-xZr26Al6Vx refractory medium-entropy alloys
Huang, R., Tan, J., Li, W., Dong, Q., Li, C. J., Qin, X. M., Guo, S. F. and Lu, Y. P.
(2022) Intermetallics 143: 107472

Mechanical properties and yield strength modeling of a medium entropy alloy containing L12 precipitates
de Araujo Santana, D., Kiminami, C. S. and Coury, F. G.
(2022) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 898: 162923

Eutectic Reaction and Microstructure Stability in CoCrFeNiNbx High-Entropy Alloys
Cao, X., Wu, C., Liu, Y., Peng, H. and Su, X.
(2022) Metals 12(5): 756

Phase equilibria of VCrMnFeCo high entropy alloys
Bertoli, G., de Sousa, V. G. L., de A. Santana, D., Otani, L. B., Kiminami, C. S. and Coury, F. G.
(2022) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 903: 163950

Microstructure and Tensile Mechanical Behavior of a Single-Phase Fe35Mn10Cr20Ni35 High-Entropy Alloy
Zhou, J., Liao, H., Chen, H. and Huang, A.
(2021) Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 30(5): 3352-3362

Phase Stability and Microhardness of the AlxCr2-xCoFeNi High-Entropy Alloys
Xiong, W., Wu, C., Liu, Y., Tu, H., Wang, J. and Su, X.
(2021) Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion 42(3): 379-388

A novel bulk eutectic high-entropy alloy with outstanding as-cast specific yield strengths at elevated temperatures
Wang, M., Lu, Y., Wang, T., Zhang, C., Cao, Z., Li, T. and Liaw, P. K.
(2021) Scripta Materialia 204: 114132

Design, phase equilibria, and coarsening kinetics of a new γ/γ′ precipitation-hardened multi-principal element alloy
Santana, D. A., Santos, K. R., Kiminami, C. S. and Coury, F. G.
(2021) Journal of Alloys and Compounds 882: 160729

Microstructure, tensile properties and deformation behaviour of a promising bio-applicable new Ti35Zr15Nb25Ta25 medium entropy alloy (MEA)
Mustafi, L., Nguyen, V. T., Lu, S. L., Song, T., Murdoch, B. J., Fabijanic, D. M. and Qian, M.
(2021) Materials Science and Engineering: A 824: 141805

Stability of High Entropy Alloys to Spinodal Decomposition
Morral, J. E. and Chen, S.
(2021) Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion

High density of strong yet deformable intermetallic nanorods leads to an excellent room temperature strength-ductility combination in a high entropy alloy
Gwalani, B., Dasari, S., Sharma, A., Soni, V., Shukla, S., Jagetia, A., Agrawal, P., Mishra, R. S. and Banerjee, R.
(2021) Acta Materialia 219: 117234

Multi-principal element alloys from the CrCoNi family: outlook and perspectives
Coury, F. G., Zepon, G. and Bolfarini, C.
(2021) Journal of Materials Research and Technology 15: 3461-3480

Microstructures and mechanical properties of CrNb, CrNbTi, and CrNbTaTi concentrated refractory alloys
Butler, T. M., Senkov, O. N., Velez, M. A. and Daboiku, T. I.
(2021) Intermetallics 138: 107323

Microstructure and Wear Behavior of High-Carbon Concentration CrCoNi Multi-principal Element Alloys
Bertoli, G., Koga, G. Y., Puosso, F. C., Clarke, A. J., Kiminami, C. S. and Coury, F. G.
(2021) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 52(7): 3034-3050

Revisit the VEC rule in high entropy alloys (HEAs) with high-throughput CALPHAD approach and its applications for material design-A case study with Al–Co–Cr–Fe–Ni system
Yang, S., Lu, J., Xing, F., Zhang, L. and Zhong, Y.
(2020) Acta Materialia 192: 11-19

CALPHAD aided eutectic high-entropy alloy design
Wu, M., Wang, S., Huang, H., Shu, D. and Sun, B.
(2020) Materials Letters 262: 127175

Cuboid-like nanostructure strengthened equiatomic Ti–Zr–Nb–Ta medium entropy alloy
Nguyen, V. T., Qian, M., Shi, Z., Tran, X. Q., Fabijanic, D. M., Joseph, J., Qu, D. D., Matsumura, S., Zhang, C., Zhang, F. and Zou, J.
(2020) Materials Science and Engineering: A 798: 140169

Deformation substructural evolution in transformation-induced plasticity high-entropy alloy during cold rolling
Liu, Y., Tu, J., Tang, Y., Zhu, H., Huang, C., Zhang, Y.-b., Tan, L. and Zhou, Z.-m.
(2020) Materials Letters 272: 127885

Corrosion and Thermal Stability of CrMnFeNi High Entropy Alloy in Molten FLiBe Salt
Elbakhshwan, M., Doniger, W., Falconer, C., Moorehead, M., Parkin, C., Zhang, C., Sridharan, K. and Couet, A.
(2019) Scientific Reports 9(1): 18993

Homogenization of AlxCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloys with improved corrosion resistance
Shi, Y., Collins, L., Feng, R., Zhang, C., Balke, N., Liaw, P. K. and Yang, B.
(2018) Corrosion Science 133: 120-131

Phase stability and transformation in a light-weight high-entropy alloy
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Influence of Cr Substitution and Temperature on Hierarchical Phase Decomposition in the AlCoFeNi High Entropy Alloy
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(2018) Scientific Reports 8(1)

Understanding of the Elemental Diffusion Behavior in Concentrated Solid Solution Alloys
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Thermodynamics of concentrated solid solution alloys
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