High-throughput design of high-performance lightweight high-entropy alloys

Developing affordable and lightweight high-temperature materials has always been a goal in materials design. In a recent publication, (Nature communications, 2021), Feng and colleagues have successfully designed light, strong, and low-cost high-entropy alloys for elevated temperature applications using the CALPHAD method. In this work, Pandat software and PanHEA database were used to perform high-throughput calculations to screen out potential precipitation-strengthened lightweight high-entropy alloys from a vast composition space. Significant experimental work was saved due to the guidance of computational design. This study shows that integrating high-throughput screening, multiscale modeling, and experimental validation proves to be efficient and useful in accelerating the discovery of advanced precipitation-strengthened structural materials tuned by the high-entropy alloy concept. The Figure shows the Alloy 1 developed by high-throughput screening.


R. Feng et al., “High-throughput design of high-performance lightweight high-entropy alloys”, Nature Communications, 12(1) 2021, p.4329. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-24523-9