Publications on Different Applications

Microstructure and properties of Mg–Ca–Zn alloy for thermal energy storage
Qiu, W., Huang, G., Li, Y., Chen, J., Huang, W., Peng, Z., Liang, J., Xia, F., Yao, M. and Xiong, A.
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Modeling of stoichiometric phases in off-eutectic compositions of directional solidifying NbSi-10Ti for phase-field simulations
Kellner, M., Enugala, S. N. and Nestler, B.
(2022) Computational Materials Science 203: 111046

Revealing the Relationship Between Morphology of Pb-Rich Secondary Phases and Mechanical Properties of Laminated Cu–Pb–Sn/Steel Composite Through CALPHAD and FEA
Dong, B., Jie, J., Peng, B., Qu, J., Wu, Z., Wang, Q., Zhou, J., Liu, S., Zou, Q., Wang, T. and Li, T.
(2022) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Origin of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in amorphous thin films
Lordan, D., Wei, G., McCloskey, P., O’Mathuna, C. and Masood, A.
(2021) Scientific Reports 11(1): 3734

Solidification characterization and its correlation with the mechanical properties and functional response of NiTi shape memory alloy manufactured by electron beam freeform fabrication
Li, B., Wang, L., Wang, B., Li, D., Cui, R., Su, B., Yao, L., Luo, L., Chen, R., Su, Y., Guo, J. and Fu, H.
(2021) Additive Manufacturing 48: 102468

Rigid three-dimensional networks of hafnium diboride for improving mechanical and wear properties of boron carbide
Chen, L., Zhang, Z., Wang, J., Lou, M., Chen, X., Yuan, Y., Wang, L., Xu, K. and Chang, K.
(2021) Materials & Design 210: 110069

Novel predictive methodology of amorphisation of gas-atomised Fe-Si-B alloy powders
Alvarez, K. L., Ahmadian Baghbaderani, H., Martín, J. M., Burgos, N., McCloskey, P., González, J. and Masood, A.
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Thermal transport and storage performances of NaCl–KCl–NaF eutectic salt for high temperatures latent heat
Wang, Y., Li, X., Li, N., Ling, C., Tang, Z. and Li, Z.
(2020) Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 218: 110756

Non-stoichiometry Effects and Phase Equilibria in the Uranium-Carbon-Nitrogen Ternary System
Salamatin, A. A., Peng, F., Rider, K. and Kornev, K. G.
(2020) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51(5): 2549-2563

In Situ Analysis of Multiphase Compounds at the Liquid Al-Solid Cu Interface: Formation Sequence, Growth Kinetics and Critical Thickness
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(2020) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51(10): 5245-5256

Effect of Mo content on microstructure and Wear resistance of Mo-Fe-B claddings
Jin, J., Sun, J. and Wang, G.
(2019) International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 81: 233-241

Prediction of Glass Forming Ability Through High Throughput Calculation
Zhang, F., Zhang, C., Lv, D., Zhu, J., Cao, W., Chen, S. and Schmid-Fetzer, R.
(2018) Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion 39(5): 562-570

Experimental investigation and thermodynamic analysis of glass forming ability of the Al–Co–Sm ternary system
Peng, S., Xiao, Z., Ngai, T. L., Liu, Z. and Zhang, W.
(2018) Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 484: 65-71

Investigation of High-Entropy Alloys Compositions for Radiation Damage Applications
Parkin, C., Moorehead, M., Yu, Z., Sridharan, K., Couet, A., Ludwig, A., Savan, A. and Zhang, C.
(2018) Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 118: 1583-1586

Thermodynamic Analysis on Interactions of Silicon Dioxide with Iridium During Module Reduction and Monitoring Treatment
Ohriner, E. and Yang, Y.
(2018) Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion 39(5): 532-537

Experimental investigation and thermodynamic modeling of an innovative molten salt for thermal energy storage (TES)
Li, X., Wu, S., Wang, Y. and Xie, L.
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Thermodynamics of Li-Si and Li-Si-H phase diagrams applied to hydrogen absorption and Li-ion batteries
Liang, S. M., Taubert, F., Kozlov, A., Seidel, J., Mertens, F. and Schmid-Fetzer, R.
(2017) Intermetallics 81: 32-46

Flux-induced structural modification and phase transformations in a Pd 40Ni40Si4P16 bulk-glassy alloy
Chen, N., Gu, L., Xie, G. Q., Louzguine-Luzgin, D. V., Yavari, A. R., Vaughan, G., Imhoff, S. D., Perepezko, J. H., Abe, T. and Inoue, A.
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Synthesis of copper-rich amorphous alloys by computational thermodynamics
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Two-stage thermodynamic modeling of a thixoforming process
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A thermodynamic approach for predicting the tendency of multicomponent metallic alloys for glass formation
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