Publications on Superalloys

The effects of diffusional couplings on compositional trajectories and interfacial free energies during phase separation in a quaternary Ni-Al-Cr-Re model superalloy
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Hot deformation behavior and flow stress modeling of a novel CoNi-based wrought superalloy
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Localized Phase Transformation at Stacking Faults and Mechanism-Based Alloy Design
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Composition engineering of ultra-soft-magnetic Co-based alloys
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Directed energy deposition of Ni-Al-Cr-C composites: Microstructural evolution during solidification and wear
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Experimental and calculation approach for phase equilibria among γ/TCP/GCP oP6 phases at elevated temperatures
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Segregation-assisted phase transformation and anti-phase boundary formation during creep of a γ′-strengthened Co-based superalloy at high temperatures
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High-throughput exploration of alloying effects on the microstructural stability and properties of multi-component CoNi-base superalloys
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Machine Learning Assisted Design Approach for Developing γ′-Strengthened Co-Ni-Base Superalloys
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Microstructures and properties of a novel γ′-strengthened multi-component CoNi-based wrought superalloy designed by CALPHAD method
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Microstructure Evolution of Multicomponent γ′-Strengthened Co-Based Superalloy at 750 °C and 1000 °C with Different Al and Ti Contents
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Microstructure and Tensile Properties of a CoNi-Based Superalloy Fabricated by Selective Electron Beam Melting
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Microstructure and Properties Evolution of Co-Al-W-Ni-Cr Superalloys by Molybdenum and Niobium Substitutions for Tungsten
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Prediction of yield strength in a polycrystalline nickel base superalloy during interrupt cooling
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Experimental study and thermodynamic re-assessment of the Co–Sb system
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High-Temperature Static Coarsening of Gamma-Prime Precipitates in NiAlCr-X Single Crystals
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Effect of Cr on the oxidation resistance of Co-based oxide dispersion strengthened superalloys
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Probing long-range ordering in nickel-base alloys with proton irradiation
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Influence of compositional complexity on interdiffusion in Ni-containing concentrated solid-solution alloys
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Solidification of Bcc/T1/T2 three-phase microstructure in Mo–Nb–Si–B alloys
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Chromia-Assisted Decarburization of W-Rich Ni-Based Alloys in Impure Helium at 1273 K (1000 C)
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Study of the Ni-rich multi-phase equilibria in Ni-Al-Pt alloys using the cluster/site approximation for the face-centered cubic phases
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