Publications on Titanium and TiAl-based Alloys

Effect of common alloying elements on α’ martensite start temperature in titanium alloys
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Role of Aluminum rejection from isothermal ω precipitates on the formation of α precipitates in the metastable β-titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al
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Phase stabilities and equilibria of the Ti-Al-Nb ternary system at intermediate temperatures I. The 900 °C isothermal section
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On Ti6Al4V Microsegregation in Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing with Multiphase-Field Simulation Coupled with Thermodynamic Data
Wang, Y., Chu, S., Wang, Z., Li, J. and Wang, J.
(2022) Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English letters) 35(3): 425-438

Identification of unusual large zones of Category I triple-alpha-variant clusters in additively manufactured Ti-4Al-2V alloy
Lu, S. L., Wang, J. H., Sun, Y. Y., Song, T. and Qian, M.
(2022) Scripta Materialia 212: 114578

In-situ study on γ phase transformation behaviour of γ-TiAl alloys at different cooling rates
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Effect of processing parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TiAl/Ti2AlNb laminated composites
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Preparation of low-oxygen-containing Ti–48Al–2Cr–2Nb alloy powder by direct reduction of oxides
Guo, X.-y., Dong, Z.-w., Xia, Y., Liu, P.-d., Liu, H.-n. and Tian, Q.-h.
(2022) Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 32(4): 1351-1361

Thermodynamic Assessment of Ti-Al-Fe-V Quaternary System Applied to Novel Titanium Alloys Designing
Feng, Q., Duan, B., Mao, L., Jiao, L., Chen, G., Lu, X. and Li, C.
(2022) Metals 12(3): 444

Omega versus alpha precipitation mediated by process parameters in additively manufactured high strength Ti–1Al–8V–5Fe alloy and its impact on mechanical properties
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Cuboid-like nanostructure strengthened equiatomic Ti–Zr–Nb–Ta medium entropy alloy
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Additive manufacturing of ultrafine-grained high-strength titanium alloys
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Dissolution of the Alpha Phase in Ti-6Al-4V During Isothermal and Continuous Heat Treatment
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Compositional design of strong and ductile (tensile) Ti-Zr-Nb-Ta medium entropy alloys (MEAs) using the atomic mismatch approach
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Secondary hardening behavior in Ti alloy
Li, P., Zhang, T., Sun, X., Zhang, H., Wang, D., Sun, Q., Xiao, L. and Sun, J.
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Calculating Ti-6Al-4V β Transus Through a Chemistry-Based Equation Derived from Combined Element Binary Phase Diagrams
Rogoff, E., Antony, M. and Markle, P.
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A novel quaternary equiatomic Ti-Zr-Nb-Ta medium entropy alloy (MEA)
Nguyen, V. T., Qian, M., Shi, Z., Song, T., Huang, L. and Zou, J.
(2018) Intermetallics 101: 39-43

Collapse of lamellar structure and stability with the addition of Misch metal (Mm) to the cast Ti–Al–Mo–Nb–(Mm) alloys
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Microstructural Control of TiAl Alloys Containing Mo with Different Aluminum Content
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The effect of boron on the grain size and texture in additively manufactured β-Ti alloys
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